Something Borrowed, Something New

I find writing to be a therapeutic thing for me. It’s like I have an opportunity to verbally regurgitate through my fingertips. It clears my mind and is a heck of a lot easier to delete if upon reading back what I’ve written seems ridiculous, wrong, too opinionated or just doesn’t sit right with me.

So there’s the why I write.

I’ve always loved movies. From a young age I remember watching films like Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Goonies with my family, mainly my Mum. On top of this we were a Disney family and that sense of heart behind every story is something that still resonates with me now. A special outing would be a family trip to the movies and some of my favourite memories are us going out for dinner and then seeing a movie, if we were lucky we might even get to go to the arcade next door to watch the giant slot car racing track.

Movies became something I loved because they were moments shared, whether it be with family, friends or even a complete group of strangers within a cinema. A few years ago my friend and I were sitting at work talking about movies and the discussion led to us lamenting the fact that everywhere we went online to read about movies it just felt like there wasn’t much love at all. Sure it is easy to poke fun at a bad movie but within that movie was a team of people who worked pretty hard to bring that idea and premise to life. We began to wish for a place online where despite a movie not being good people who were writing about them would try and find the good in them and focus on that rather than all the negatives. From this conversation our own website was born and for 3 or so years we wrote every single day about films. Sadly, life became the beast that it is and we had to let go of our beloved website but writing about films is something I still love.

And there’s why this blog is about movies.

So I hope you like this blog where I will randomly write about movies that I watch or random movie related thoughts that pop into my head. In it I’ll keep that focus on the positives and I’m not going to make any promises to how often I write, my only promise is that I won’t make this a place about burning on something that someone tried hard to make the best thing they could.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me,



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